Q: What is ULA?
A: ULA is the Upstate Lacrosse Association.  Click here to visit the Upstate Lacrosse Association website for additional ULA information.

Q: Who can participate in Camillus Youth Lacrosse Association Programs?
A: All children in grades K-6 who reside in the West Genesee Central School District or attending Holy Family are eligible to participate in Camillus Youth Lacrosse Association programs.

Q: What equipment is required to participate in Camillus Youth Lacrosse Association programs?
A: All Kindergarten aged girls and boys require a stick and a mouth guard.

Grades 1,2,3,4,5,6 Boys: lacrosse stick, helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, cleats, mouth guard & protective cup.

Grades 1,2,3,4,5,6 Girls: lacrosse stick, goggles (SEI certified), cleats and mouth guard.  Helmets are optional but not required.

New equipment is not required.  If you have questions about equipment, you may email CYLA at: cylareg@gmail.com

Q: How do I register my child?
A: Registration for Camillus Youth Lacrosse Association programs is done online. Please visit our registration page for details.  This year we will not offer a walk-up registration.

Q: Can I register my child after registration closes?
A: No.  Once both the registration and late registration periods are closed, uniforms must be ordered, teams must be formed, rosters must be submitted and additional administrative tasks must be done to ensure our programs and league play start on time.

Q: Can my son or daughter “play up” if they have a lot of lacrosse experience?
A: NO, they must play with their grade group.  It’s about touches and confidence!

Q: What are the divisions when playing in the ULA league?
A: For both boys and girls the divisions are by grade as follows: 3/4, 5/6.

Q: What division would my child be in if they are currently in 4th grade?
A: Your child would play in the 3/4 division. Children play in their current grade division, not the grade they will be in the fall.

Q: Where are the ULA games held?
A: They are held around Central New York, usually within 30 minutes of home.

Q: What day will my child practice?
A: Practice nights will be posted on the practice schedules page once they are available.  Specific times and fields will be assigned once registration is complete and coaches have been identified.  Coaches schedules and field availability must be considered but prior to the ULA season which starts in mid-June, the nights of the week will most likely be:

Once the ULA game schedule is published in early June, practices will be adjusted if and as required. ULA games are generally each week on Monday evenings (3rd & 4th graders) and Tuesday evenings (5th & 6th graders) so practice will be on another night.

Q: When will we have game schedules and what night of the week are games played?
A: ULA publishes game schedules in early June, prior to the opening weekend tournament.   Games are generally on Monday or Tuesday evenings.  The game schedules page of our website will have game schedule information when it becomes available.

Q: When will the ULA season start and end?
A: The ULA season starts on opening weekend (mid-June) and runs through July.

Q: Will we play any home games?
A: Probably, the ULA attempts to schedule at least one home game per summer for each team. Camillus Youth Lacrosse Association home games will be played at Pottery Road Field, 6415 Pottery Rd. in Camillus.

Q: Will lack of playing in the past impact the ability to play at this time?
A: No, new players will be just fine jumping into the sport as many are just beginning at this age.

Q: Do the locations of the practices vary?
A: It is possible but unlikely.  Most practices will be held at the Camillus Middle School fields.

Q: If I register and the schedule is not out until a later time and we are unable to attend due to the schedule, can I cancel and receive  a refund?
A: While the organization does not have a refund policy, we are always willing to review each request on a case by case basis.