The Role of Lacrosse Parents

You, the parent, are as equally important to your athlete’s positive lacrosse experience as the coach of the team. In order for your athlete to get the most out of playing lacrosse, it is important that you do the following:

Be supportive of your athlete by giving encouragement and showing an interest in his team. Positive reinforcement encourages learning and fun.

Attend games whenever possible. If you cannot attend, be sure to ask your athlete how he played, not whether the team won or lost.

Be a positive role model by displaying good sportsmanship at all times to coaches (especially me), referees, opponents and teammates. In other words don’t be those parents. You all know whom I’m talking about.

Let your athlete set his own goals and play the game for himself.

Let the coach do the coaching.

Respect the decisions of the referee.

Read the rulebook. A full understanding of the rules will help you to enjoy the game and educate others.

Get to know who is in charge. Introduce yourselves to the leadership of the program.

Get involved. The best way you can support your athlete’s lacrosse experience is by becoming a volunteer for the team. Volunteers are always needed to do some of the following:

  • Assist the coach.
  • Keep score.
  • Run the clock,
  • Keep stats.
  • Organize a booster club and manage booster club activities.
  • Organize advertising, marketing, and publicity for the team.
  • Organize carpooling to practices and games.
  • Photograph players and games.
  • Create a yearbook and game programs.
  • Anything else that your imagination can dream up.

Sit back and enjoy the game. Remember, lacrosse is played for FUN.