Hydration Tips in Hot Weather

How do you reduce problems while exercising in heat?

1.Check temp and humidity before exercise
2.Exercise in morning or evening
3.Exercise in the shade; wear sunscreen
4.Wear thin clothing that is loose to allow air circulation; loose hat in the sun
5.Run into breeze in latter portion of your run
6.Drink cool fluids periodically (6-8 oz every 10-15 min)
7.Replenish water daily (drink 16-24 oz/pound lost)
8.Hyperhydrate if performing prolonged strenuous exercise (16-32 oz at 30-60 min prior to start of exercise)
9. Replenish lost electrolytes (salt) if sweating excessively
10. Avoid excessive intake of protein; protein metabolism increases heat production by body
11. Avoid consuming caffeinated beverages several hours before exercise; it is a diuretic and increases metabolism
12. Become acclimatized to heat before exercising in warm-hot competitive conditions
13. If out-of-shape, exercise at low intensities
14. Be aware of signs and symptoms of heat illnesses
15. Don’t exercise when ill or had fever recently